Ajinomoto Digitizes ISO Processes with Skytizens Alfresco

Ajinomoto, Japanese food and seasonings company, is poised for a breakthrough by bringing ISO and DAR processes online. In February of 2019, Ajinomoto administrative users gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to complete hands-on training for the Skytizens Alfresco ISO Document Control solution to facilitate fully-digital ISO compliance company-wide.

Ajinomoto and Skytizens completed training sessions in February of 2019 for Bangkok-based Ajinomoto staff in Thailand. Administered by the Skytizens Technology Leader, training sessions included an overview of the Alfresco platform navigation as well as the ISO Process Management DAR addon to manage ISO processes and documentation in the Alfresco cloud. By moving quality management and ISO compliance into the Alfresco cloud, Ajinomoto takes an strategic technological step towards automation, real-time monitoring, and better efficiency.

Ajinomoto, headquartered in Tokyo, is a Japanese food and amino science corporation. The parent company was founded in 1909 and factories were first established in Thailand’s Phra Pradaeng District 51 years later. Ajinomoto now employs over 30,000 people globally with annual revenues approaching USD 10.5 billion. Ajinomoto’s Thailand operations produce high-quality food and beverage products for the Thai market such as seasonings, instant noodles, processed foods, frozen foods, beverages, animal feed supplements, and more. Well-known consumer products include YamYam noodles, Rosdee cooking seasonings, and Birdy coffee products.

Skytizens Alfresco is a software consulting firm that specializes in enterprise content management (ECM) systems for companies in the Asia Pacific region. The completion of training signifies that Ajinomoto has advanced from analog to the more efficient and technologically advanced digital management of its company-wide ISO processes.

Partnership Impact

ISO document control and compliance in the global market is extremely strict. The high level of regulation in food production markets requires precision. Modern ISO software solutions like Skytizens Alfresco ISO modules provide enterprises with a centralized digital platform to handles DAR processes quickly and without confusion. With cross-platform transparency via integration and automated ISO-compliant record-keeping built in, firms can improve ROI by implementing digitized solutions to replace slow analog processes like audits and business reports. Not only does the system provide transparency for the firm but it offers efficiency in compliance.


Alfresco is one of the most popular Enterprise Content Management applications in the world. The platform has the ability to handle document management, collaboration, records management, process management, imaging, and more.  Skytizens, a software consulting firm in Thailand, uses the talent of their team to develop and implement custom Alfresco solutions. With multiple types of ISO document control (DAR, CAR, PAR) in their portfolio, Skytizens has deep experience working with ISO compliance solutions for enterprises at the global market level. The ultimate aim of Skytizens is to improve client efficiency through digital abilities.

Skytizens Alfresco for Ajinomoto

The main project for Ajinomoto involves the implementation of the Skytizens Alfresco Process Management DAR module for all Thailand-based operations. Implementation includes the full training of Ajinomoto staff to take advantage of the fully digital ISO management solution, including advanced functionality. The project is a strategic step towards digitization and puts Ajinomoto at the leading edge of modern ISO technology. With training completed, the project is fully implemented and improvements for 2019 processes have begun.

To read more about digital solutions in Alfresco, visit the Skytizens Alfresco Addons Catalog.


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