NSK Bearings Thailand goes Digital with Skytizens Alfresco ISO Document Control

NSK Bearings Thailand makes progress on safety, quality, and compliance in bearings production by shifting ISO Document Action Request (DAR) processes to a digital environment. In October of 2018, the NSK staff completed software training in preparation for a full migration of ISO Document Control to the Skytizens Alfresco cloud solution.

In October of 2018, NSK Bearings (Thailand) Co., Ltd underwent hands-on training in preparation for a full migration to the Skytizens Alfresco cloud. As a strategic move towards the digitization of ISO document control and related business processes, NSK training included an overview of Alfresco platform navigation as well as an addon dealing specifically with ISO Process Management Document Action Request (DAR). With training completed, the shift to a fully-digital ISO management system will soon be a reality for manufacturing giant NSK.

NSK Bearings (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a joint-venture company between Siam Motors Co., Ltd and NSK Japan Ltd. Established in Bangkok in 1987, NSK Thailand has been serving the automotive and industrial market for over 30 years by manufacturing, assembling, and supplying precision bearings, ball screws and linear guide products for domestic and international markets. As a global leader in bearings and related technologies, NSK provides unparalleled products to global customers.

Skytizens Alfresco is a software consulting firm in Thailand that specializes in enterprise content management (ECM) systems for the Asia Pacific region. As leaders in the Alfresco global developers community and with decades of experience working with manufactureres, Skytizens has developed multiple ISO document control (DAR, CAR, PAR) modules. The completion of Skytizens Alfresco training is the final step towards digital management of ISO processes and an increase in NSK’s company-wide technical efficiency.

Partnership Impact

Products from NSK are integral to ensuring that machines and automotive technology run smoothly. Lives are on the line. The high level of regulation in machinery production requires that ISO compliance be precise. Modern software solutions like Skytizens Alfresco ISO modules make enterprise compliance easy thanks to centralized digital platforms and DAR addons developed specifically to end process murkiness. The cloud and cross-platform integration of these advanced systems give firms a built-in level of protection, record-keeping, and efficient authorizations to minimize stoppage. Audits and business reports provide real-time output for big data analysis and the digital system improves efficiency and ROI for the firm. By moving quality management and ISO compliance into the Alfresco cloud, NSK Thailand makes calculated progress towards efficient digital process management through automation.

Skytizens Alfresco for NSK

NSK is poised now to implement automation via the Alfresco Process Management DAR module for all Thailand-based operations. By going digital, NSK takes its place at the lead of the manufacturing market in global best practices for ISO technology use.

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