About Us

At Skytizens, we are leaders in custom-built ECM solutions. We are the world’s Alfresco experts.

Our scale is large. We develop software solutions for enterprise-level companies with extensive and complex business processes. Our team is the most experienced. We make unimaginable things into reality using our deep knowledge of Alfresco and innovative tech solutions. We have an impressive list of happy customers including military institutions, multinational insurance companies, major airlines, oil & gas companies, financial institutions, government agencies, electronics corporations, leading appliance manufacturers, healthcare companies, car manufacturers, international supermarket chains, and more.




Managing Director

David has 15 years of experience leading teams that develop content management solutions. He spent 20 years in IT and has been working with a majority Thai team for 9 years.



Sales Director

May has been working with document management systems for over 10 years. She has a total of 15 years of sales experience to both Thai and English-speaking customers.



Software Leader

Chris has 15 years of experience in JAVA development and 10 years working specifically on document management software.



Technology Leader

Mike takes care of end-to-end project management. He has been immersed in document management for 5 years. He can explain the ins and outs of Alfresco to both Thai and English-speaking users.


Skytizens is a group of tech innovators with over 15 years of experience in document management, content management, business process management, and search engine solutions.  We assembled our team in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014. Together, we have immersed ourselves in the Alfresco ECM platform. We have become worldwide leaders in Enterprise Management Systems software development. We use our experience to develop sophisticated custom software products for Asia’s business community.

  • Alfresco Consulting Our team will address any document or content-related challenge facing your business. We handle analysis, concept planning, and business process research to best understand your company’s needs.
  • Alfresco Development We move from understanding complicated functional needs to setting up the correct relevant components for our clients’ business.
  • Alfresco Implementation This is the plug-and-play part of the process. We provide training, documentation, and operation support for the solutions we develop. Our team makes sure your business systems are running smoothly.
  • Support We take notifications by email, phone, or sms. We manage cloud-based servers. We handle incidents, patches, and backup issues. We document client communication to ensure requests are resolved correctly. We are there when you need us.
  • Advanced Workflow We are experts in developing solutions to support extensive processes using business process management BPMN – no matter how complicated or large-scale.
  • Interface Our solutions will be built to integrate with your existing software systems seamlessly.
  • Existing Features Our team has created a wide range of advanced Enterprise Management System modules for you to choose from. Our existing features are based on common needs as well as special requests from past client development projects. Check out our catalog to see what we have available.
  • Innovation Our talented team’s deep knowledge of the Alfresco platform and ability to create new solutions means we can custom-develop new content management modules especially for your company.
  • Security Due to the caliber of our clientele, we have concentrated on providing a rich pool of features that control permissions, staff access, and data security for our clients. Check out our catalog of security solutions.
  • Enterprise Solutions Rest easy knowing that Skytizens services are oriented towards large, enterprise-level solutions. We build for scalability, leaving room for your system to grow along with the business.
  1. We provide technology solutions that propel the success of our clients’ organizations.
  2. We work in a challenging environment with world tech leaders.
  3. We have a passion for tailor-made software solutions.
  4. We foster innovation from our talented staff to serve the world’s large enterprises.
  5. We share our knowledge as part of the global software developers community.
Let’s Work Together

Our dynamic team is ready to create the right software solution for your company. Our custom-built software is restricted only by budget and time constraints. Within the limits of technology, we can make what seems impossible into a reality. Are you ready for your business to run smoothly?  Choose perfection. Choose Skytizens.


Skytizens Technical Support has you covered. We are available online and onsite M – F 9am – 6pm. Elite solutions have access to 24-hour support.

We offer high-quality system architecture. We provide modular, flexible, and scalable technology for your enterprise. We work at the cutting edge of modern usage.

We develop software with direct client involvement. We fully train clients for independent use of their system. Clients are not restricted to our company for ongoing support, but we are always ready to help.

We take care of our customers by working closely with them from day one. We scale pricing to fit the client. Our clients have direct contact with global experts in Alfresco. We provide a dynamic and customer-oriented approach.

Skytizens understands the top-shelf product required of a large company with thousands of employees. We assess the wide bandwidth of your company’s needs and work with your IT department to implement an enterprise-grade solution for your business.

We will innovate custom systems with the right features that empower your business to flow smoothly while leaving plenty of room to grow.