About Alfresco

Alfresco is one of the most popular Enterprise Content Management applications in the world. Feature-rich, powerful, flexible, and user-friendly — Alfresco is both our work and our passion here at Skytizens.

Alfresco launched as a document management software in 2005. Since its inception as an open source product, it has remained supportive for open standards, open APIs, and open usage. This means that talented developers like the team at Skytizens have the freedom to take the basic core product and push it beyond expectations. We revamped its security grade, corrected performance issues, boosted its functionality, developed groundbreaking new extensions, and elevated it to a level where its punching well beyond its original weight class. To learn more about this enhanced version of Alfresco and the happy enterprises using our product, check out what Skytizens is doing.


Alfresco is an ECM system with document management, collaboration, records management, process management, imaging, and more. Alfresco has enterprise-level capabilities precisely because it is open to dynamic development. Alfresco is a modern platform featuring full integration with popular office suites and a long list of software tools for business.

Distinguishing features of Alfresco as an ECM and DMS:

  • Stability, modularity and scalability
  • Efficiency and security
  • Cloud-based web interface accessible on various media devices
  • Alfresco functions with advanced JEE technology (Java Enterprise) and data bases, e.g. PostgreSQL, Oracle, and DB2
  • Low cost of infrastructure compared with large amount of supported documents
  • Digital signature and encryption capabilities
  • Index ability for text content of all documents
  • Central content and metadata repository
  • Integration with business software tools such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, ThinkFree Office, Google Docs, ABBYY OCR, SAP, Moodle, Zimbra, SugarCRM, AutoCAD
  • Flexibility – Alfresco is highly customizable to your needs

With a user-friendly GUI and a central repository with smart folders, Alfresco brings document management and workflow together smoothly. The structure of each company’s Alfresco solution is tailor-made so there is no unnecessary build-out or unused functionality hanging around in the system. Alfresco is malleable to your company’s content and processes.

The Alfresco DMS also makes it simple to keep things tidy. The ability to set precise administrator controls on how documents are stored, handled, shared, and eventually deleted mean that users keep a tight rein on their records. No added complications or tech knowledge necessary.


Every day 11 million users worldwide have access to over 7 billion documents in the Alfresco system. Alfresco has caught on in so many industries because of it has the control that IT demands and the simplicity that end users love.

Essential to its popularity, Alfresco instinctively communicates well with applications from across the commercial spectrum including Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. Integration of scanners, anti-virus, Zimbra, bar code, SMTP & IMAP, OCR, and other frameworks is smooth. Alfresco is built to ‘play well with others’ and works with various software solutions straight out of the box. This means that migrations run smoothly and outside applications integrate seamlessly.


A web-based interface means that Alfresco is accessible in the cloud and on various media devices including laptops, tablets, hybrids, smartphones, and on-premise work environments. Thanks to an interface that encourages teamwork on shared sites, filesharing, version tracking, workflow fluidity, wikis, and constant communication, Alfresco naturally creates a highly-collaborative online workspace for colleagues no matter where they are located.


A major strength of Alfresco is its ability to handle vigorous controls with regards to all the business-critical content in its repository. Alfresco allows client administrators to fine-tune the level of security on both information access and user capability. With various levels of overlapping and scaled permissions, Alfresco boasts a robust system to keep information safe and enforce company authorizations. Alfresco solves crucial problems with process inefficiency, human error, and lack of scalability that traditional document management systems can’t touch.


The Alfresco community is marked by free access to updates and rich functionality. At Skytizens, our entire team is an active part of the worldwide Alfresco community. The innovative tools that we develop for our customers in Thailand become part of the gigantic spread of customized Alfresco-related software popping up around the globe.


Alfresco is affordable for all types and sizes of businesses. We can charge one flat fee with no per-page upload fees or per user fees. There are no charges for data storage unlike other cloud-based document management providers. Every Alfresco package comes standard with a complete feature set. Alfresco’s flexibility means that it is designed to be scalable for goals, timeline, and budget. To inquire about an estimate, contact us.

Which version is right for me?

There are three versions of Alfresco available. Alfresco Community is the basic core product. This version is available for free download for any company to implement with their own IT resources. It has limited modules and integration abilities. Alfresco Services is the expanded versions straight from the manufacturer. It features moderate build-out and is available for a significant initial price. Custom development and integration services are not included. Alfresco Skytizens is the version developed by a team of Alfresco experts with enterprise-level clients. It has been created based on years of real usage and enhanced with an assortment of first-class modules that have been crucial to past clients. Alfresco Skytizens includes implementation and training, as well as custom software based on your company’s unique needs—all at an affordable price. Alfresco Skytizens also includes ongoing support from our talented tech team. For more information on Alfresco Skytizens, compare below and contact us today.

Core CapabilitiesAlfresco
Robust content repository — A standards compliant repository that supports a wide range of featureYesYesYes
Productive team collaboration interface — Alfresco Share offers a user friendly interface for managing your contentYesYesYes
Productivity app integration (including Microsoft Office and Google Docs)YesYesYes
Public Add-ons — Ability to download and install additional community driven extensionsYesYesYes
Additional security capabilities — Content encryption at rest and encrypted repository configuration propertiesYesYes-
Clustering for high availability — Simple UI based configuration of clusteringYesYes-
Storage Policies — Ability to define multiple content stores based on content life cycle requirementsYesYes-
Rigorously tested and certified against multiple OS, database and application servers (including Oracle)YesYes-
Standardised Single Sign-on via SAMLYesYes-
Enterprise Add-ons — Ability to install additional Skytizens driven extensions for EnterpriseYes--
Support for additional Skytizens Enterprise modules (see section below for modules which can be added)Yes--
Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android — Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs)YesYesYes
Alfresco Desktop sync for Windows — Sync alfresco content to your windows desktop for offline access.YesYes-
SkyFinder 100% Web-based Alfresco ClientYes--
Optional Skytizens Modules #1Alfresco
Alfresco Document Transformation Engine — Offering performance enhancements and improved page fidelity for online viewingYesYes-
Alfresco Media Transformation Engine — For local video transcoding and image rendition creationYesYes-
Alfresco Connectors for Amazon S3.YesYes-
Alfresco Index Engine — Search services clustering including Solr sharding for performance, scalability and high-availabilityYesYes-
DOD 5015.02 Certified Records Management — Certified RM with security marks and classified content managementYesYes-
Alfresco Analytics & Business Reporting — Drive insight from content usage and optimise processes.Yes--
Alfresco Real-Time Process MonitoringYes--