Aioi Bangkok Insurance Public’s Digital Transformation with Skytizens Alfresco

Aioi Bangkok, the Thai insurance company with Japanese joint venture partners, continues its upward trajectory after beginning a digital transformation over two years ago.  In March of 2019, Aioi administrative users began training on the Skytizens Alfresco cloud-based document management platform and since have implemented digital solutions for everything from insurance business process management to stratified data control.

Aioi Bangkok Insurance Public has been undergoing a digital transformation for over two years. Since early 2017, Skytizens has been working with Aioi to successfully introduce and implement digital data management systems hosted in the Alfresco cloud. By going digital, Aioi made the strategic decision to use leading enterprise technology to increase their efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the insurance market.

Aioi Bangkok Insurance Co., Ltd. began selling insurance products under the name Wilson Insurance in 1951. In 2005, the company formed a joint venture with Aioi Insurance, an alliance from Japan, to take on its current name.  Aioi’s main business has always been non-life insurance and insurance products for risk and disaster. Based in Bangkok, Thailand Aioi is now one of the leading insurance companies in the country, holder of the Royal Warrant of Appointment.

Skytizens Alfresco for Aioi

Alfresco is one of the most popular Enterprise Content Management applications in the world. The platform has the ability to handle document management, collaboration, records management, process management, imaging, and more.

Skytizens Alfresco is a software consulting firm that develops software solutions for enterprise-level companies. Skytizens is run by a team of Alfresco experts that custom-build enterprise content management (ECM) systems for companies in the Asia Pacific region. In long-term partnership with Skytizens, Aioi has undergone the migration of their document management system, the implementation of a stratified document permissions access and control module for that system, the digitization of their business process management including complex insurance process mapping and automation, and continuing services related to increasing efficiency and reducing expenses.

Partnership Impact

The complete digital transformation of Aioi’s systems has been a long-term goal. Though migration and learning are quick, full implementation has taken client support and custom solutions that have rendered Aioi’s business processes more efficient than ever before. Insurance processes and authorizations are all automated and digital document management is now integrated into the daily routine at Aioi. Most important for insurance and other industries that handle sensitive personal and client information, the access control to company data is extremely well regulated through Alfresco permissions controls. The digitization of Aioi Bangkok is the result of a long-term partnership with the right tech company and a shared commitment to data compliance and Aioi’s company values.

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