What is Custom Model Manager (CMM) Search Extension?

The Custom Model Manager (CMM) Search Extension addon for Alfresco is a module that links custom-made document models to Alfresco’s advanced search feature. With the out-of-the-box version of Alfresco, the advanced search only functions with default document models. It cannot search fields that have been created by the customer. Most companies have at least one custom document type, which means it contains index fields that are not searchable by Alfresco when users are trying to find the document.

The CMM Search Extension addon takes the custom models created by the client and automatically builds an extra search feature in Alfresco that includes the new index aspects as search options. This module essentially enhances the search ability of Alfresco and enables users to have full system functionality for their custom templates.

Why is CMM Search Extension so important?

  • No development necessary – custom search parameters are generated and deployed automatically when a custom model is created
  • No omissions – include all documents when searching through your Alfresco Document Library
  • Updated search – no limitations, this module allows you to instantly search new model types
  • Save time – when searches run smoothly, users don’t waste time finding what they need

The Benefits of CMM Search Extension

Skytizens has built the CMM Search Extension addon into Alfresco so that users can search documents in their library without missing a single one. Custom documents are no longer omitted from the search. New custom-created types are incorporated into the index search options immediately. Clients who have multiple proprietary document types are not left behind. The advanced search has been enhanced so that it works for everyone.

How Does It Work?

The Custom Model Manager (CMM) is located in Admin Tools. Here, administrators can create new document models and designate the index properties for these custom models. After creating a custom document type, the CMM adds the custom type to the list of options. This module adds the custom index to the advanced search engine. The custom document type will appear on the list of search options and the custom index fields can be used to search.

If an existing document with standard index options is changed to a custom document type, the standard index information is commuted or hidden from view in the new format. The file cannot be changed back to its original type. Hidden index information can be recovered by adjusting the custom model.

Main Features

 Automatic Search Generator – Every time the CMM is used to create a custom document type, Alfresco recognizes the activated model and automatically generates a new search feature including the custom index fields. Skytizens clients do not need to develop the search feature separately because our version of Alfresco generates it as an automatic follow-up step.

Automatic Deployment – When a new search feature is generated based on the custom model, Alfresco automatically deploys this search feature. The new ability to search by document type using the custom index fields is instantly available in the drop-down menu labeled Look For. Skytizens clients do not need to take any action to enable the new search feature.

Information in custom index fields will not be found using Alfresco’s general content search because it is limited to default index types. Users must use the custom search when searching custom document types.


No more missed documents in your search. Automatically generate and deploy advanced search features each time a custom document model is created.

The Custom Model Manager (CMM) Search Extension addon for Alfresco takes all the follow-up work out of creating custom document types. Whenever a custom model is created, this module takes the custom index fields and automatically creates an advanced search feature that matches the model.

The CMM Search Extension addon saves your company time and money by executing the development of custom search automatically. The custom search options deploy in your Alfresco Advanced Search immediately so there is no lag between document creation and searchability. Finally, users can search every single document in the library—zero omissions.

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