TISCO and Skytizens Announce Partnership to Unify Digital Systems using Alfresco

TISCO Financial Group, a Thailand-based conglomerate specializing in financial institutions, has taken the first step in unifying their digital systems by committing to work with Skytizens Alfresco. On October 11th, 2018 TISCO board members sat with Skytizens CEO for an overview of the data management and operations software that will synchronize over 20 companies.

TISCO Financial Group and Skytizens held a kickoff session today between the TISCO Board of Directors and the CEO of Skytizens, solidifying their decision to move forward on a major strategic data management plan.

TISCO Financial Group, headquartered in Bangkok and founded in 1969, runs over 20 financial institutions in Thailand. TISCO is traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and subsidiaries of the group include major Thai financial institutions such as TISCO Bank. Skytizens Alfresco is a software consulting firm that specializes in enterprise content management (ECM) systems for companies in the Asia Pacific region. The kickoff meeting signifies that TISCO and Skytizens are committed to moving the full TISCO group onto custom-developed Alfresco platforms and synchronizing the operations of TISCO companies like never before.

Partnership Impact

Today’s business data and operations are carried out on centralized digital platforms. This kind of transparency-building ECM software is crucial for enterprise-level companies, especially those that deal with staff and operations spanning geographic regions of the globe. With various companies in one data system, business groups can reduce expenses and increase their efficiency. The digital unification of a business conglomerate facilitates resource sharing and data analysis across holdings. This kind of system implementation gives companies rich data insight and a competitive edge.

For companies in financial industries, having a centralized ECM means paying close attention to security measures, risk management, and compliance with regulatory authorities in the industry. ECM systems like Skytizens Alfresco that are equipped with robust cybersecurity measures ensure the protection of businesses and customers alike.


Alfresco is one of the most popular Enterprise Content Management applications in the world, providing document management, collaboration, records management, process management, imaging, and more. The talented team at Skytizens, a software consulting firm in Thailand, focuses exclusively on developing and implementing custom Alfresco solutions for enterprise based on the unique needs of the client company. With offerings ranging from multilingual support to a host of security solutions, Skytizens manages scaled-to-fit build-outs and delivers a platform that is both functional and user-friendly. Ultimately, Skytizens aims to give enterprises the ability to work at maximum efficiency.

Skytizens Alfresco for TISCO

With over 20 subsidiary companies, the TISCO Financial Group project is large in scope. Skytizens’ plans for TISCO include a document management system (DMS) and the full range of cybersecurity features for a high-performance solution that will unite the TISCO family of companies under one roof. The project is part of a strategic data management and operations plan aimed at unifying the financial group and future-proofing TISCO data to benefit staff and decision-makers going forward.

Skytizens CEO at the project kickoff meeting with the TISCO Board of Directors.


“It is my pleasure to partner with TISCO by developing and implementing the Alfresco platform in a way that will continue to serve their companies long into the future. We have other large enterprise clients, but this may be the largest scope of project for Skytizens thus far in terms o f number of users and volume of document handling. Since both of our companies are headquartered in Bangkok, our communications have been smooth and the project is moving ahead as planned,” said David Winicki, President and CEO of Skytizens.

Still in the early stages of roll-out, the complete project is expected to make significant progress in 2019.

To read more about cutting-edge enterprise software options with Alfresco, visit the Skytizens Alfresco Addons Catalog.

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