A Beginner’s Guide to Workflow & BPM

ISO process management can be a headache. By using Alfresco software solutions from Skytizens, your company can save tons of time and money on ISO document control, task management, and process workflow.

Workflow and business process management (BPM) are buzzwords that start floating around whenever we start to talk about digital migration.

The terms might sound vague or even boring, but workflow is a serious concern for global enterprise companies. The ability to get from start to finish on any project involves a long chain of behind-the-scenes processes. The efficiency of those processes affects both the end results as well as the bottom line.

When your workflow processes flow smoothly without any bumps in the road, your company spends less time completing projects. The fewer man-hours you spend, the lower your expenses. The faster projects can get completed, the more time you have to evaluate, improve, and assess real deliverables. Not to mention the lower stress levels for staff at every level.

So what does good project management workflow look like? What exactly does BPM software have to offer? Here is a beginner’s guide to workflow and BPM.

What is Workflow?

Workflow is the structure of how to get things done.

A workflow application is a software application which automates, to at least some degree, a process or processes. The processes are usually business-related but can be any process that requires a series of steps to be automated via software.

What is Business Process Management (BPM)?

Business process management (BPM) takes workflow and digitizes it to be more efficient.

Setup for any Workflow module requires an in-depth analysis of your company’s existing business processes. The goal is to reproduce your existing budget processes in the Budget Workflow module. Using input from your company’s organizational chart and the correlating authorization processes, the Budget Workflow module will reproduce your real-world procedures into the system.

Setup for any Workflow module requires an in-depth analysis of your company’s organizational chart. Using input about all correlating authorization processes, the Real-Time Workflow Monitoring module will label users based on the hierarchy of your company.

Once the system “understands” your organizational chart, it will allow supervisors to monitor the workflow activities of their team. Managers will be able to see all the workflows, sub-workflows, and individual tasks of direct reports and any employees under them.

With this module, Administrators in Alfresco also have the ability to view all workflow activity across the system. This means that it creates the possibility of a position or staff member that can monitor the entire workflow system for quality control and increased productivity.

Workflow Budget Management


The Benefits of BPM

Alfresco Workflow & Business Process Management (BPM) solutions infuse your company’s computer system with the same supervision and oversight that you demand from your top employees on a regular basis. BPM addons increase productivity, identify opportunities to improve, and allow for real-time project management. Maintain your company’s high-standards with addons like Alfresco Real-Time Workflow Monitoring (Process Management).

Real-Time Workflow Monitoring module is a two-part enhancement. First, it identifies users based on the company organizational chart, creating a system hierarchy that mirrors real life. Second, it gives supervisors in the system the ability to monitor the workflow activity of direct reports and employees underneath them.


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For enterprise-level companies in the Asia Pacific region looking to digitize their workflow processes, contact the Alfresco experts at Skytizens today.

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