What is Alfresco Dynamic Document Share?

The Alfresco Dynamic Document Share addon provides flexible access to documents that are housed within the Document Library. This module generates a public-facing website and shareable URL that allows outsiders to see data in Preview Mode without giving up complete control over the document and the content therein. The easy-to-use timeline controls make it simple for users to share data with partners without sacrificing any of the safety measures that Alfresco provides. Public data remains in View Only format.

Document management procedures stay intact as well, as Alfresco keeps tabs on all files being currently shared in an easy-to-read master list of all shared files. File managers can override sharing or edit the time frame to comply with company policy.

Why is Alfresco Dynamic Document Share so important?

  • Instant Sharing – without the need to download or send data via email, it saves time and allows users to share data instantly
  • Document Control – permission controls remain in place and file managers retain control over the length of time that outsiders gain access to privileged data
  • Security – an excellent addon for sensitive data security and regulatory compliance
  • Flexibility – removes the barrier to access that slows down work with partners and mobile users

The Benefits of Alfresco Dynamic Document Share

Skytizens has developed Alfresco Dynamic Document Share so that users outside of Alfresco can have limited access to chosen files within the Document Library. It allows others to preview the document and read document content while maintaining control over the use of that content. It limits the type of access that outside viewers have. Essentially it gives users the dynamic ability to work with partners and share information without giving full access and without requiring anybody to download the document itself.

How Does Alfresco Dynamic Document Share Work?

The Alfresco Dynamic Document Share widget appears both as an option in the Document Library and above the document in Preview Mode. When a user clicks on the icon, a small menu appears that allows the user to designate a time limit for the document to be made available publicly in View Only format. Once the parameters are set, Alfresco generates a URL in the Public Link text box. Users can copy and paste this URL wherever they choose.

The final date of availability is displayed in the Expiration text box so that the user can double-check and communicate the specific date to others.

The link provided takes viewers to a unique web page where they can preview the document. A button labeled Document Details appears in the upper-right corner of the page. By clicking this button, Alfresco will prompt the user to enter their Alfresco login information. This ensures that permissions related to the document are still enforced for any actions beyond Preview Mode.

On the main Alfresco toolbar under Tools, users and file managers can view a master list of shared documents for at-a-glance information and sharing management.

Main Features

Share Widget – A one-click icon appears in the Document Library list view and Preview Mode.

Public Sharing – The addon provides a way to limit the public availability of the shared data or users can choose to share documents indefinitely.

  1. Public Link – module generates a URL where the document is housed for public view on the web in View Only format
  2. View – user can view the website located at the URL provided
  3. Days – user can designate the time limit of public sharing
    • Defined – user can choose from typical time frames (1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90)
    • Custom – user can input a custom number of days or choose unlimited sharing
  4. Expires on – addon automatically generates the final date of shared access
  5. Share/Unshare button – user or file manager can toggle the file’s share status

Shared Document Master List – A complete list of all documents currently being shared is available for review and control by file managers in table form.

  1. File Name – the file currently being shared
  2. Folder Name – location of the file
  3. Shared By – identifies the user who created the share
  4. Shared For – lists the number of days of access
  5. Actions – allows file manager to View the public page or Share/Unshare the data via a button toggle
  6. Export Master List – file managers can export the list of shared documents in HTML or MS Excel format

Search Shared Documents – Users and file managers can find shared files using dynamic search parameters.

  1. All Shared Documents or All Shared Folders
  2. Days – search by number of days
  3. Shared By – search by user
  4. File Name – search by keyword
  5. Reset – blank out the parameters to begin a new search

Folder Share (optional) – The ability to share entire folders at once is available for clients who need it. This feature allows companies to share multiple documents at once. In this case, Alfresco generates a QR code that gives access to the publicly-shared folder location. This feature is available for customers who share large volumes of files outside the system and works via integration. The customer can place the QR code on their marketing materials or website for ease of access.

Permissions Control – Access to the Alfresco Dynamic Document Share feature is managed by Role.

  1. Role Access – Permission to use this feature on certain files is given by file managers based on role access in the Alfresco system.


Get a handle on your public document sharing. Provide easy access to Alfresco documents while maintaining control over the gate keeping. Perfect for partners and mobile users.

The Alfresco Dynamic Document Share addon is an accessibility module that allows Alfresco users to share data with others who don’t use the same Document Management System (DMS). With the click of a button documents from inside the system are made available for reading or download for a selected period of time.

The module is adept at managing shared files as well, thanks to a quick-glance menu and easy controls. Removal of documents from the Shared list is done automatically by expiration date or by manual selection. A search reveals a master list of all shared documents in the system. This addon will save your company plenty of headaches when it comes to working with partners.

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